Who Measures Success And Failure?

”Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

The essential part is to understand that no one else can measure your success other than you. When you let the people shape the meaning of success or go by the definition of success by someone who inspires us, then there is a problem. Every time we don’t match up to their ‘generalised’ standards, we’re losing and, when we do we’re succeeding. This, at times, leads to losing the personality of your own and forgetting what you want. Hence, there is no need to classify everything as a success or a failure according to others. Even if you feel you are not succeeding at something, that doesn’t mean you are failing. The process is what that matters and, it teaches you, to a better understanding of life. 

Photo link:  https://touchpointdashboard.com/2013/07/touchpoint-measurement-101-part-ii-effective-methods-for-measuring-touchpoints/

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