People generally talk about an entrepreneur as someone with a business idea. But it goes beyond that. An entrepreneur must have creativity, imagination and a desire for work, but most importantly, persistence. It might take a month, a year or more than that, to set up a business properly.

The path of an entrepreneur is risky; filled with unforeseen roads, road blockages, and even at times, has dead ends. Launching a business is a challenging task, which makes the entrepreneur wonder why s/he chose the road, mostly not taken by many people. Entrepreneurs come up with all sorts of business concepts, start technical startups, and make some unique and innovative products or services into the marketplace. To achieve this, they go through sleepless and stressful nights, plans that might not work out, funds that might not come through; there is always skepticism. 

Despite all the hardships, thousands of entrepreneurs decide to begin their journey on this entrepreneurial path. The determination of entrepreneurs helps them to bring their visualization and innovative concept, into reality. 

Still wondering how do entrepreneurs manage to overlook all the difficulties and, still do what they want to do? Check out the next write up.

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