Kaun kambaqt chahta hai survive karna, Hum toh chahtey hai fight karna

The most important language is the language you speak to yourself and most important person is the person you see in the mirror

We got our startup idea in late 2014, and by 2015, our ticketing website was live with design-based differentiation.

​We were high in energy and confidence, or shall I say overconfidence, because we just made the market and released it without even studying the market or the customers.

We just jumped right into the business, without a business plan or an exit strategy. Our only objective was to raise money from the investors. With such planning, when the going got tough, we neither could raise funds nor bootstrap to make the business successful.

We didn’t pay much attention to market our company and define a growth trajectory. After our pivot, we came up with a new project and changed our strategy from B2C to B2B

Yet, all we had in mind was raising funds, instead of aiming of tying up with customers, launching the product or generating revenue.

You might have your several reasons to be an entrepreneur, mine was to be able to earn more money and fame by doing the amount of work I was doing for my then current company, as an employee.

After all, who doesn’t like being their own boss! I also wanted to prove a lot of people wrong.

It took me some time to know that the startup requires not just your heart and body, but also your soul.

 The independence because of which you left your job, is not going to come through your startup, and you may or may not make the amount of money you had in mind.

When you don’t meet your defined success, your chase becomes even more intense. This often leads to depression. Entrepreneurs take this as their failure and refuse to come out or share about it.

They are bound by the stereotypes of the society who had warned them about their idea being unsuccessful.

The only constant would be the combination of hard and smart work. Although some people think that smart work is about building strategies to evade hard work, the truth is that smart work is about making
strategies to increase the effectiveness of hard work.

The rat race is not only in the corporate but also in startups.

Everyone wants to raise funds as soon as possible and as high as possible. The definition of success is all understood wrong. We often forget that
we have a life outside of this, living which is very important.

In our startup, all we three co-founders were from a corporate background. We were crafted to speak from our minds than our hearts, whereas in a startup it is the other way. Startup requires authenticity and
confidence of being right. It also requires a transition from an employee to an employer mindset.

In the end, the most important language is the language you speak to yourself and the most important person is the person you see in the mirror.

Never run from your mistakes, accept them.

​We are all humans and are bound to make mistakes. Taking it out to the world brings me peace.

Instead of being glued to the negativity of the past, concentrate on the positives of the present and lead an optimistic life.



Experience Contributed By :

Mr Prathmesh Kant

He is a serial entrepreneur and presently Co founder and CEO of Aggois .

Aggois is a marketplace that provides minimum and maximum price guarantees to farmers and buyers.

He co-founded Rahageer & Farebond.
He has worked earlier with Adobe & Goldman Sachs.