How Do We Define Success and Failure?

“The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.” The meaning of both words-success and failure are subjective. Hence, there is not a universal definition for either. What success means to someone might not be what you think success is. Speaking of success, you can usually say that success could be described as an accomplishment of aspired vision, whether in a particular area of life or all areas of life. Besides, success sometimes is defined as a ‘social status’ that defines a wealthy person, who gained fame for some affirmative outcome. However, at times, a wealthy person can also consider herself/himself to be not successful.

Failure is the opposite of success. It is an event in life where something goes wrong or does not go how you envisage. Furthermore, the ‘regular’ definition of failure also says, even wealthy and successful persons fail in their lives, with all their stories of scandals, addictions, and self-destruction. You need to understand that wealth cannot be defined by money, but rather with expenses in your life, and, something that gives you happiness.

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